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Friday, December 23, 2011

GoodSync Enterprise Multilingual Full Keygen

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GoodSync Provides Peace of Mind for Your Enterprise Quickly and Cost-Effectively research shows that over 50% of enterprise data is stored on individual users’ laptops or desktops and is not protected. With an increasingly mobile work force in enterprises, there’s clearly been a large increase in the amount of working data stored on smart phones and other devices. “GoodSync” is a cost-effective, out-of-the-box, and full-featured solution to protecting this data.

GoodSync offers a unique, next-generation synchronization and backup solution that is entirely file-based. It provides organizations with an easy way to backup and synchronize employees’ work folders and files automatically; ensuring files are protected and always up-to-date. Synchronization can be done between desktops, laptops, servers, mobile devices and external drives. Given that GoodSync Enterprise is extremely inexpensive and convenient, nothing should be stopping you and your IT team from employing it in your organization.

GoodSync is an out-of-the-box, full-featured solution that automates file and folder synchronization and backup with rock-solid reliability, providing an affordable solution with a focus on simplified management and ease-of-use. It automatically synchronizes and backs up your employees’ important folders and files between desktop computers, laptops, servers, and external drives.

Increases Productivity and Ensures Continuous Data Availability
Ensures all of your employees are working with the most up-to-date and accurate folders and files, including employees across departments or geographic locations, mobile employees, and telecommuters.

Keeps your mobile workforce in sync, which enables real-time operations and collaboration. If you have a sales team, they need to have access to up-to-date and accurate presentations and other collateral from the support team.
Ensures higher productivity in the organization, which is dependent upon the continuous availability of information – whether protecting it from disaster, giving employees the ability to access the most recent versions of files from anywhere, or distributing and sharing information with outsiders.
Fast and Customizable Synchronization Jobs
Much faster than other synchronization programs:

GoodSync takes a file-based approach, meaning you can select the files and folders to synchronize directly to disk, which is much faster than the traditional tape approach.
It performs up-front analysis to detect and synchronize only those files that have actually changed, which takes less memory to process.

You can easily customize jobs, set up scheduling, and create convenient job templates for more efficient execution of your synchronization and backup strategy.
Reasonable Pricing and Immediate ROI
Is licensed per user at a very reasonable price point.
Offers immediate ROI through increased IT staff productivity.
Syncs and backs up directly to disk, which is more affordable than traditional backup solutions that rely on tape.
Can be up and running in a day to help your enterprise recognize immediate returns in productivity and IT savings.
Easy and Reliable Disaster Recovery

GoodSync allows you to easily implement a sophisticated synchronization and backup strategy for your organization. Research shows that over 50% of enterprise data is stored on individual users’ laptops or desktops and is not protected. Now, you can ensure all employee laptops and desktops are protected, synchronized, and backed up at the click of the mouse.
It gives you a ‘hot backup’ immediately, making your critical data highly available. Hot backups provide a convenient solution because they do not require downtime.

Ringkasan Bahasa Indonesia
GoodSync memungkinkan anda dengan mudah menerapkan sinkronisasi yang canggih untuk organisasi anda. Penilitian menunjukkan bahwa lebih dari 50% data suatu perusahaan di simpan pada laptop pengguna individu atau dekstop yang tidak terlindungi. dengan software ini memastikan bahwa data suatu perusahaan tersebut dapat di teksi oleh laptop yang dilindungi (dapat dapat di sinkronisasi dengan laptop, komputer, HP, dll)

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