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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Opera@USB 11.60 Build 1185 Final

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Opera - one of the fastest and most flexible in your browser. Using skins, custom panels and other means to configure the interface whose appearance can be changed beyond recognition. The program allows "on the fly" to disable and enable the schedule, but also boasts proprietary technology scaling Web pages through which users browser almost never see a horizontal scroll bar.

Do you want to use all the features of Opera mobile - no problem!
No adverse impact on Internet Explorer (Internet Explorer) or other browsers
Including the installed version of Opera
The contents of the registry is not subject to change
Work on any PC with Windows (at work, internet cafes, computer with friends, ..)
Leave no data on another computer

What you need to work with Opera @ USB?
A computer with an Internet connection
USB-stick or USB stick (flash) drive with 30 MB of free space on it

Key features:
- The process for access to your favorite sites using the Speed ​​Dial
- Protection against fraud
- BitTorrent client
- Content blocker
- Adding your search engine
- View thumbnails of open pages
- The settings for each site separately
- Using Widgets
- New editing
- Download Manager
- Navigation tabam
- Password Manager
- Integrated search
- Pop-up Blocker
- Mouse Gestures
- The function of fast forward
- Quick setup by pressing F12
- Voice
- "Hot keys" keyboard
- The 'Trash'
- Supports data protection protocol SSL, version 3, and TLS 1.0 protocol and 1.1
- 256-bit encryption
- Removal of personal data
- Manage cookies
- E-mail the Opera browser
- IRC-Chat
- Supports "Drag and drop"
- Support for skins Interface

OS : Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Size : 15,6 MB

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