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Thursday, December 22, 2011

X-mas Hack With CE

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Send multiple request to single account
2. Claim Xmas Reward easily

1. Must have dummy account
2. Open your ninja saga
3. Open Cheat Engine
4. Open process list
5. Select "plugin-container.exe" (firefox browser)
    or select "chrome.exe" (google chrome browser)
6. Enter Santa Claus's Quest 
7. Go back Cheat Engine
8. Enable Speedhack and set speed to 0.0 then click "Apply"
9. Click "Ask Friends" (number of clicks = number of request you want to send)
10. Go back to CE and set speedhack to 0.5 then click "Apply"
11. Select your dummy account on the Pop up friend list and click "Send Request"
12. Hope you enjoy the hack

Bahasa Indonesia


Mengirimi banyak request ke satu akun
2. Claim Xmas Reward

1. Harus mempunyai char dumy (char ke2)
2. Buka ninja saga
3. Buka Cheat Engine
4. Buka process list
5. Pilih "plugin-container.exe" (firefox browser)
    atau pilih "chrome.exe" (google chrome browser)
6. Masuk ke Santa Claus's Quest 
7. Kembali ke Cheat Engine
8. Aktifkan Speedhack Buat kecepatan  0.0 lalu klik "Apply"
9. Klik "Ask Friends" (number of clicks = number of request you want to send)
10. Kembali ke CE dan buat speedhack menjadi 0.5 lalu klik "Apply"
11. Pilih char ke2 anda diatas daftar teman dan klik "Send Request"
12. Semoga kalian bisa melalakukan hack ini..

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